We craft

brand identities, customer experience strategies and interactive experiences your audience will point their fingers at and say:
What makes us special In a user-centric world, we create value earlier and more reliably.

We blend profound expertise in branding, strategy consulting, user experience design and frontend development in an agile approach to produce, test and improve ideas faster.

What we believe in Great customer experiences improve people’s life and let brands succeed.

To provide these experiences, you need ...


Brand Identity

a clear idea why you are the better partner to answer a certain need.


Brand Strategy

a comprehensive plan on where, when and how to be there for your customers.


Brand Experience

a high quality execution in brand interactions.

A – Brand Identity

Your brand identity defines the character of your company and products: What you believe in, offer and promise, how you look and behave. It is the foundation of a particular relationship with consumers. Building it means finding out, what could make you great in the eyes of your target group.

For your consumers it is the idea they buy in, they trust, they identify with or look up to. In times where they lack the time or motivation to evaluate all options, a brand identity becomes the most important decision-making tool. 

For your employees it is the higher cause that motivates them, the guiding light they orientate on, the values they share, the rules they follow,  the stories they can tell to their customers.

A1 – Vision

We support you in defining your brand purpose through market research (consumer needs, competitors, capabilities) and solution ideation. Deliverable: A Brand Vision – Your north star, stating why you exist and what you are trying to achieve for your customers, company and brand.

A2 – Position

We support you in defining your brand position – your offering and brand image to occupy a distinctive place in your target market through SWOT analysis, service design… Deliverable: A description of how you need to be different from your competitors and where you sit in customers’ minds.

A3 – Personality

We support you in defining your brand personality – your brand values, culture, voice and tone, look & feel and corporate design templates. Deliverable: A brand manual defining how you have to be to deliver what you promise and to be perceived according to your brand positioning.

B – Brand Strategy

Where your brand identity should be as static as possible, your brand strategy can and should change according to the development of the market. Your brand strategy is the masterplan for how to reach your customer, brand and business goals, defined in the brand vision, position and personality.

It provides guidance on your concrete product and service offering and on where, when and how to interact with your customers. It is the starting point and foundation for truly coordinated communication, marketing, product, sales and service measures.

B1 – Mission

We support you in defining your brand mission – your 3 to 7 year mile-stone plan through trend research, brand performance assessment, customer life cycle definition and strategy consulting. Deliverable: A mission statement and strategy with priotirized action fields.

B2 – Portfolio

We support you in defining your brand portfolio – your concrete offering to your customers through customer journey definition, product ideation and service design. Deliverable: The service and product architecture, nomenclature and role and the digital ecosystem that connects them.

B3 – Touchpoints

We support you in defining your brand touchpoints – the plan of where and how your products, services and ecosystem should be perceived through strategy consulting and experience ideation. Deliverables: Customer Journeys, Channel Map, Experiences, Technical Concepts.

C – Brand Experience

This is where it counts and what you prepared for: Your brand experiences make your brand identity and experience come to life. They are the touchpoints with your customers. They can be single or combined brand assets like your products, packaging, services, events, stores, an online article, a brochure, sales staff … everything and everybody who is in contact with the people out there and could be associated with your brand.

If done right, each brand experience makes your brand tangible, lovable, authentically and consistently perceivable.

C1 – Proposition

We support you in defining the experience proposition – the declaration of the job and benefits you want to achieve for your customers, brand and business. Deliverables: User Stories, Value Proposition, Business Case, Scoping and Backlog.

C2 – Plan

We support you in coming up with an experience plan – the draft and concept of the to be realized or relaunched brand experience. Deliverables: A feature list, user journeys / user flows, user experience architecture, functional descriptions, technical concept and wireframes.

C3 – Production

We support you in the experience production – the product realization and shipment, from visual design, content, development and launch until marketing, maintenance and testing. Deliverables: User Interface Design, prototypes, pilots and ready made products, campaigns …

How we are

We are a dedicated team of experienced consultants, strategists, user experience designers, authors and developers.

We are ...

... honest, transparent and authentic in appearance and our opinion and embrace any customer and user feedback to our work. We live the critical discourse because we know that an open atmosphere is the prerequisite for improvement.


... always striving for new ideas, yet not for the pure sake of creativity, but because they might result in useful answers to yet unanswered challenges.


... not satisfied with stale compromises or the status quo. We never give up looking for better solutions.


... dependable partners as we always act to the best of our knowledge and for the benefit of our customers.



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