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3 Founders. 3 Opinions.

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People often say too many cooks spoil the broth. But what happens when there are three founders, each approaching challenges from different perspectives? Well, you get an explosive mix of strategy, Technology, and design that works surprisingly well – most of the time.

Christoph handles the strategies, Marco brings them to life through design, and Eugen ensures that everyone stays grounded in technical feasibility.

The resulting discourse can sometimes be more intense than in companies where decisions are made unilaterally.

However, the diversity of perspectives opens doors to innovative solutions that we might not have reached on our own.

For Christmas, each of us received a small battle drone from our team. A humorous symbol of how we sometimes “cross swords.” These little skirmishes lead to an increased need for coffee but ultimately result in an outcome that moves us all forward.

We all agree that this dynamic is exactly what our company needs. It’s not the most conventional approach, but it reliably leads us to honest feedback and unique solutions.

At the end of the day, Christoph, Eugen, and Marco wouldn’t want it any other way. Our diverse backgrounds force us to constantly question, optimize, and sometimes simply laugh at how differently we see the world.

Our Tips for a Successful Discourse

How do you create a constructive discussion culture?

All opinions and ideas should be respected and taken seriously. Create an environment where everyone feels safe sharing their perspective. Define together how you want to discuss to avoid misunderstandings.

What if opinions differ too strongly?

Remember that you all share the same goal. Try to steer the discussion back to this common ground. Also, be willing to compromise and find creative solutions that incorporate aspects of all perspectives.

How do you stay productive despite differing opinions?

Use clear structures and time limits for discussions to stay efficient. Always document results and next steps in writing, so everyone is on the same page and no important points are lost.