THIS – Shaping InteractionsStrategy Consulting & Digital Agency in Düsseldorf

Why we quit our jobs and started our own company

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After many years in various agencies, we, Christoph, Eugen, and Marco, have drawn our conclusions: We only want to offer products that deliver real value and inspire people, maintain a collaborative relationship with customers, and have fun at work. And all of this with a committed team.

In 2016, we founded THIS. A strategy consultancy with implementation competence. Our promise to customers: We help brands to inspire and empower people.

Our expertise

We combine years of experience in serving globally leading brands with our core competencies in User Experience Design, Instructional Design, and Interaction Design. We provide our customers with Digital Brand Identities for a brand-compliant appearance, Brand & Product Websites for more customers, E-Learnings & Blended Learnings for skilled employees, and Customer Experience & Service Design for increased customer loyalty.

A dedicated team at the heart of THIS

Team of THIS GmbH

In our daily work, we feel time and again that we have people by our side with whom we can achieve our goal. True knowledge carriers who contribute and move the company forward, who are passionate about their topics and continually develop themselves further. We are incredibly proud of this fantastic team! Thank you for your dedication!