Digitisation of fan relations How we helped the 1. FC KÖLN to define their digital playground and a customer experience that inspires people outside the stadium as well.

this - Digital Consulting & Craftsmanship
Challenge Identify the right fields of action from a large number of digital offers in order to create a customer experiences that is "noticeably different" (claim of 1. FC KÖLN).

The 1. FC KÖLN is a traditional club with a unique fan culture and a goose bump stadium experience. Fans today also want to experience their club outside the stadium and use a lot of digital media to do so.

The EFFZEH was neither lacking in digital offers nor in new ideas. The question was rather which of these existing offers should be pursued further and which new ideas should be implemented.

The aim of this project was to identify precisely those fields of action that offer the greatest fan, brand and business potential.

THIS Work With empathy, closeness and understanding, we succeeded in defining the right digital measures and fields of action to inspire fans outside the stadium as well.

While the brand and the product were already clearly defined, the fans and their needs lacked a consolidated overall picture. This lack of an overall picture also made it difficult for EFFZEH to work in a cross-departmental, customer-centric manner.

We conducted workshops and discussions with employees, analysed existing contact points with the brand, experienced a memorable game against Eintracht Frankfurt and even became fans ourselves. We used the most important findings about the fans to create five prototypical fan personas. 

Each persona represents a level of brand relationship, which helped us to develop the most relevant products and services.

With Sophie and Co. in mind, the question was how to design a customer experience for these fan types that is "noticeably different".

The customer experience map we used gave us an overview of all brand interactions of one (or more) personas and helped us to define the suitable playing field for digital measures as well as to create relevant added value for the users.

Decisive for us was not only the actual match duration, but the consideration of the entire fan experience - with all its phases (customer life cycle). From the first contact to the passionate fan, from the start of the season to the winter break. For each phase, we defined customer journeys, which our personas went through step by step to meet their needs. For each of these steps we additionally listed all channels that 1.FC KÖLN already serves and evaluated them according to the importance for each persona.

On one hand, the customer experience map gave us an overview of all the phases and channels that are of particular importance for the defined fan types. On the other hand, it also gave us information about which needs or channels are not yet sufficiently served.

Now we had to assess which options for action were open, which promised the greatest potential and where we should invest more.

Result A strategic framework with uniform terminology, clear responsibilities and an overview of all contact points and measures of the EFFZEH.

The 1. FC KÖLN has with the designed customer experience map a tool at its disposal with which all digital measures can be planned, structured and controlled across departments in order to offer a consistent brand experience. In addition, depending on the strategic objective, a certain persona or individual phases of being a fan can be viewed and brought into focus.