Customer Experience Strategy 2025 Whether rational or emotional: a lot happens on the way to a new car. And our customer now knows exactly what, when and with whom.

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Challenge The importance of the car is changing and manufacturers are in increasing competition with new suppliers. An inspiring customer experience is more important than ever.

Today, the car is less of a status symbol than a measure of the added value promised by its actual use. Can I get to my destination faster, more comfortably and cheaper with a car than with other means of transport? Am I still flexible with a car? As people become more mobile, more and more providers are entering the market, offering solutions to meet changing customer needs.

To remain successful, it is no longer enough to build better cars: An exciting, competitive customer experience is the key to sustainable customer relationships.

THIS work Our task was to create a strategic foundation that would comprehensively consider all customer experiences and make them operational.

Great customer experiences are not just the icing on the cake on otherwise unchanged offers. They uncompromisingly combine products, processes, technologies and behaviours in a customer-oriented manner and must also be controllable by employees and management. To achieve this, we developed personas, a customer experience map and customer journeys together with our client.

Target group personas

"Who are actually our customers and what are their needs?" Even though personas are not the panacea for customer-centric work, they give us a cross-departmental, shared understanding of customer needs.

We always use personas when we want to give our customers a vivid picture of their target groups. They help us to substantiate the necessity of planned measures and serve as a basis for a good user experience.

In addition to customer goals and expectations, we have identified three principles for an outstanding customer experience:
End-to-End Experience

From the trip to the airport to the leisure activities and the transfer to the hotel - customers want a solution from one source.

Seamless Experience

Connectivity and digitalization ensure that a wide variety of systems in the vehicle can be expanded with digital services - customers expect products and services to be part of a holistic ecosystem and available across the board.

Lifetime Value Experience

Cars become computers, and modern software enables manufacturers to offer their customers added value through continuous updates - customers expect their cars not to lose, but to win value.

Customer Experience Map

The customer experience map helps us to identify all contact points with the brand throughout the entire customer life cycle and to define their role. It is suitable for defining the right measures for each touchpoint and making them measurable. In addition, the customer experience map enables us to organize internal processes and guarantee cross-departmental collaboration. Together with our client, we developed a higher-level experience map for each target group.

Customer Journeys

The defined customer experience map served as the basis for the development of customer journeys. customer journeys help us not only to develop isolated solutions for individual touchpoints, but also to integrate all measures into a seamless customer experience.

The developed customer journeys served our client as inspiration, template, change instrument and basis for discussion in the further course of the project.

Step 1: Definition of transition points between the customer journeys in order to avoid potential jumps in the customer experience

Where do the users come from? What have they experienced before? What is their prior knowledge and expectations? Which milestones do we want to have reached at the end of the Customer Journey from a customer and company perspective?

Step 2: Optimization of customer journeys through mystery shopping and workshops with employees

Which steps in the customer journeys are necessary and which can potentially be spared? What has to happen when and how in order for the user to reach his goal as smoothly as possible?

Step 3: Definition of touchpoints as a basis for the development of measures

What does our user want or need to achieve at every step of the customer journey? What are his needs and what are the smartest and most relevant answers to them?  

Result A customer experience strategy that organizes customer experiences holistically and across channels and makes them understandable for all stakeholders.

With the help of the three personas, the most important customer groups and their needs were mapped. They also served as a framework for future customer research and as a template for new customer-centric measures. The customer experience map also provided an overview of all customer journeys, the most relevant channels, their role in the customer life cycle, and enabled cross-departmental collaboration and action development in the future.

The most important result, however, is that our customer now has a clear idea of what the Customer Experience 2025 should look like.