Strategy, Concept, UX Design, Development

Website Relaunch The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is an unforgettable experience for fans of classical music. You've never been there? We're working on it.

Challenge The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden enjoys a very good reputation among connoisseurs and critics. As curator of the most outstanding artists and professional organizer in a unique ambience, it offers its customers an unforgettable overall experience.

A very wide range of outstanding performances with artists of distinction, acoustics, ambience, hospitality ... in many aspects the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is more than equal to venues like the Elbphilharmonie, the Berliner Philharmonie or the Royal Albert Hall. Offline. 

When the customer asked us to revise his online presence, this experience was not yet noticeable enough on the website.

THIS work Our task in this project included all services - from the development of a suitable website strategy, user experience design and programming to the training of the Festspielhaus staff.

On the basis of an extensive competitive review and three workshops with the management, customer and brand managers, we have developed the following goals:

User Goals

Even those who are not familiar with the Festspielhaus and visitors from far away can enjoy all the information, services, additional offers and booking options they need for a perfect visit to the Festspielhaus.

Brand Goals

Digital reproduction of the overall offline experience from events, the Festspielhaus and Baden-Baden as tangible as possible.

Business Goals

Boost ticket sales (especially by lesser-known artists) and additional services via the website and attract more sponsors.

Strategy Backstage

The same applies to a website: Only if it works behind the scenes, the performance on stage is good. The extensive annual repertoire and the many festival events make a very maintenance-intensive website, the effect of which depends largely on the quality of the presentation and the topicality of the event and service information. The previous website didn't fully perform in both aspects. Maintenance was too time-consuming and complex. Too much artistic skill was necessary to show off the content on the site in an appealing way.


Depending on prior knowledge, context or distance, users search for very different information and services: Performances, artists, travel offers or information about the house itself. Whatever their motivation for entering the website, the user experience should guide them seamlessly from inspiration, advice, selection and booking of the event, accommodation and supporting programme through to their arrival. To realize this vision, we decided on a 2-step plan, of which step 1 is now live:

Step 1

Improvement of the findability of the offers, the optimization of the user guidance, as well as a more attractive and informative presentation of the offers.

Step 2

Launch of an "experience configurator", through which the perfect complete package can be put together and ordered, and guidance of the user through the purchase process to the visit and re-visit.

Realization Step 1 The Stage – Improving the User Experience

Filterable program overview

With a clear program overview, users can now get to an event according to their taste, on a specific day and according to their budget more quickly. We have also integrated individual events and festivals into a single view, improving cross-selling potential.

Combining events, restaurant and travel to attractive overall offers

For a large number of events, we already offer users complete packages.

Better integration of the existing ticket shop

In order to prevent the break in the user experience as far as possible, we have adapted the application of the ticket provider to the design of the website as far as possible.

Backstage – Improving the maintenance

Simplified maintenance of business events with different dates

Many artists give guest performances in the Festspielhaus on several dates. These dates vary time and again with regard to the time, the pre-program or even the cast. We have developed a workflow through which the editors can enter the general event descriptions as well as these variations for certain events with a minimum of input.

Automatic optimization of images for different views by specifying a so-called focal point

The Festspielhaus uses high-quality artist portraits to emotionalize the audience. Images have to be cropped when they are displayed on different devices (desktop, tablets and phones) and aspect ratios (portrait, landscape). In order to prevent people from being cut incorrectly or completely (e.g. in orchestras), we integrated a so-called focal point function in the backend. This allows editors to mark the most important area of the image and the system automatically ensures that this area remains visible in all formats and resolutions.

Automatic creation of newsletters that access the same content in the backend

The Festspielhaus acquires the majority of its visitors via newsletters. In order to be able to generate these newsletters as easily as possible, we have integrated a service into the backend with which the editors can also use all the maintained content and events on the website to send out newsletters.

A comprehensive modular component system

Instead of rigid templates, we provided the customer with a component building kit with different content modules, which he can use to independently create any layout in order to present content as effectively as possible.

Result The new website is well received by professionals and amateurs alike.

And above all has already successfully passed several fire tests with the creation of a new annual programme and advance ticket sales for the festival. We are already looking forward to stage 2.