Strategy, UX Design, Development

Central Launch Training How we prepared more than 5,700 employees from sales, after sales and vehicle fleets for the SEAT Ibiza.

Challenge Prepare sales, after-sales and fleet employees for the market launch of the new SEAT Ibiza with the largest training event in SEAT's history.

The SEAT Central Launch Training (CLT) was the foundation for the international launch campaign of the new SEAT Ibiza. In cooperation with Stagg&Friends and Ijsfontein, a training event for more than 5,700 employees from 54 countries was to be developed.

THIS work Our task was to develop the content strategy, UX design as well as eight applications based on four different formats.

Such a large-scale training event should not overwhelm its participants with tough theory, but should be fun, interactive and above all not feel like training. In order to achieve this goal, we developed a special campaign dramaturgy that provided employees with learning content before, during and after the event and created valuable synergies.

Our CLT portal accompanied the participants through all three phases and formed the core of the global SEAT campaign. Before the actual event, a lot of topics around the event could be conveyed and the participants could be brought to a common level of knowledge with the help of our web-based trainings. At the event itself, live workshops were complemented by apps and a quiz duel. So that the knowledge would not get lost, the trainings could also be accessed after the training event and the acquired knowledge could be consolidated.

Phase 1 – Preparation

Goal: The participants should be brought to a certain level of knowledge to guarantee effectiveness and efficiency of the event.

Building cognitive knowledge.

Actions: CLT Portal, three web based trainings (WBT), quiz duel

Phase 2 – Live experience

Goal: In order to be able to give compentent advice in sales talks, the participants should be able to experience the SEAT Ibiza up close.

development of actions competence & affective knowledge

Actions: CLT Portal, workshops, three native iOS apps

Phase – Follow-Up

Goal: The aquired knowledge should be reatined for a long time and there should be the possibility to be refreshed again and again.

Sustainable knowledge

Actions: CLT Portal, experience gallery, quiz duel

Format 01 The CLT Portal

The CLT portal united all digital interactions into one platform. Here you could find information about trainings, workshops, venues and test drives. In addition, with the "SEAT Ibiza Challenge", the portal offered the community the biggest competition it had ever seen. Participants from all nations competed against each other to prove their knowledge of SEAT Ibiza.

Format 02 Web Based Trainings

To avoid simply conveying theory, but to actively involve SEAT employees, three highly interactive and fully responsive e-learning courses were designed to playfully present knowledge about the new Ibiza. The participants who successfully completed all training sessions received a ticket to the highly sought-after event in Spain.

The e-learning courses were translated into more than 20 languages and published in 54 countries.

Format 03 Native Apps

Three native apps were developed for the on-site workshops and our GPS-controlled test drive. With the product app, all core functions and features of the Ibiza as well as how they relate to the respective customer needs could be discovered.

The competitor app guided the participants through all important competitors. Small tasks and checklists were also used to evaluate the various models from the salesperson's point of view and compare them with the Ibiza.

The progress of the participants was displayed to the trainers in real time so that they could react individually to the pace and preferences of each group.

Test Drive App

During the test drives, a GPS-controlled app was used for the first time, which accompanied the driver live on the test route. With the help of tracking data, certain content was made available to the learner at the appropriate time.

Format 04 Quiz Duel

We used the employees' playful instinct as a tool to further deepen the knowledge gained from the training sessions and workshops.

A mobile quiz duel challenged the employees to measure themselves and collect points. The more points a user had, the better the ranking on their personal diploma and on the CLT Portal. But that was not all. The participants also had the chance to win a trip to Barcelona, the birthplace of SEAT Ibiza.

The questions were developed in such a way as to transfer knowledge about design, technology and brand history.

Result A training event that makes 5,700 employees compete against each for knowledge proves that training can also be fun.

The results of our work were digital coordinated applications using learning through gamification as a tool for activating and involving employees, making them the most important part of the entire event.

At the end of the CLT, we asked the participants: "How well are you now prepared to sell the new SEAT Ibiza? The result: 4.7 out of 5 stars!"