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E-Learnings &
Blended Learnings

We design and develop training strategies and formats - for competence gain among employees and clients.
Typical results are

Online training and digital brochures to optimize and support the sales and installation processes.

An exclusive learning experience that takes architects, salespeople and installers into the world of the luxury brand and its products.

Buhr & Team

An online academy with e-learnings to accompany and increase the sustainability of face-to-face trainings.

Design and production of over 150 micro learning videos on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and The Digital Organisation.

Three-stage blended learning experiences for the introduction of vehicles and brands, consisting of preparatory online training, a live training, a training platform and gamification elements.

An online academy and certified training for nurses on disease patterns, product application, and customer counseling.

Our e-learning tool.

Are you looking for a tool to run a learning platform, online training and knowledge management?

The Companion offers everything to provide employees with the content they need: Inspiring e-learnings to introduce a topic. On-point information when something needs to be looked up.

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