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Unleash the full potential of your e-learnings

Create learning experiences that inspire and empower.

Do you want to make sure that young, more demanding learners don't flee when they see your e-learnings? Do you sense learning fatigue among your older learners because they are overwhelmed by constant learning? Do you want to be sure that the knowledge you impart really sticks? Then you need e-learning that inspires. Then Composer is the best authoring tool for you.

Huge variety of components

With Composer, you have access to the most versatile component library on the market. And if you're missing a component, we'll build it for you. So that knowledge is conveyed in the perfect format.

100% in your design

Give your brand a voice! With Composer, you can customize your e-learnings to your corporate design down to the smallest detail – more so than with any other authoring tool. This way, you can tie your learners to your brand.

Perfect on any device

Many authoring tools claim to be responsive. Composer truly is. Whether on a desktop PC, tablet, smartphone or UHD TV, whether in the office, on the subway, at a client’s or on the couch - Composer training courses provide an unrestricted learning experience anywhere and at any time.

Vereinfache die Inhaltserstellung mit KI-gestützter Effizienz

Streamline content creation with AI-powered efficiency

Revolutionize your content creation with Composer's AI integration. With the most advanced text and image generation models, you can write inspiring copy, find the perfect headline, translate your content into other languages at the touch of a button and generate matching images. And if you can't find anything suitable in the extensive catalog of ready-made commands, you can easily create your own prompts. Discover how efficient content creation can be.

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Additional features of Composer

Flexible integration

Composer training courses can be seamlessly imported into any existing LMS with a SCORM interface. If you don't yet have an LMS, you can simply export your e-learning courses as HTML. Or you can use Companion, our learning platform.

Live preview

Get instant feedback on how content looks on different devices during creation – with our live preview feature. Make faster design decisions and optimize the learner experience of your trainings until it's perfect.

Multiple languages

With Composer, you can produce e-learning courses in almost any language, including right-to-left support. You can import ready-made translations or use integrations such as DeepL to make your training courses available in other languages.
A product by

THIS – The E-Learning Experts

A product by

THIS – The E-Learning Experts

THIS has been successfully designing and developing training strategies and formats for clients such as Allianz, GROHE, ERGO, SEAT, METRO, MONTBLANC, and Volkswagen for over 8 years, and has poured all its knowledge and experience into the development of this unique authoring tool.

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100% brand-compliant: All elements can be adapted to your corporate design.

100% design freedom: A variety of different layouts are available for each component.

100% responsive: All components can be used perfectly on any device.

100% efficient: Once content has been created, it can be used in many training courses. If you update them, they are automatically adjusted everywhere. Export, done.

100% secure: Composer is located on ISO 27001-certified servers in Germany. Not secure enough? Then you can host it yourself.