e-learning that wins the hearts and minds of your audience

Rediscover e-learning: moving away from lengthy and dry content, towards dynamic and captivating training.

e-learning that wins the hearts and minds of your audience

Rediscover e-learning: moving away from lengthy and dry content, towards dynamic and captivating training.

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We create high-quality e-learning content that inspires and motivates – for a learning experience that is truly enjoyable.

  • Boost the learning motivation.
  • Boost the learning success.
  • Boost the brand loyalty.

The time is right for modern learning content

A generational change is taking place in companies, which places new demands on learning formats. Gen Z in particular uses platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and the like every day in their free time and is put off by loveless, user-unfriendly learning content in a professional context.

According to a survey, 48% of Gen Z employees are actively considering changing jobs. One reason given: a lack of development opportunities.

High-quality and varied learning content is therefore not a nice to have, but a must have!

Frau mit Handy in der Hand

Find out how we can turn your content into inspiring and empowering e-learning.

e-learning content with heart and mind

We combine our years of experience in instructional design, corporate design and user experience design for leading global brands to create training courses that not only impart knowledge, but also offer a special experience for your employees, partners and customers.

We inspire & empower employees and customers with premium digital brand, service & training experiences.

Our learning content increases...

motivation to learn

...the motivation to learn.

In today's world full of distractions, it's more important than ever that learning content catches your interest. Our lovingly designed trainings, with playful interactions, reach even those who feel too swamped to learn, making it easier for them to absorb new information.

learning success

...the learning success.

With a clearly recognizable structure and relevant content presented in an understandable way and the perfect format, our e-learnings help ensure information is better understood, internalized, and applied.

brand loyalty

...the brand loyalty.

Our high-quality e-learning content in brand design, conveys appreciation to employees while showing them how to communicate and act as brand ambassadors.

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Our services

Learning content

Learning content

We create e-learning content for you that excites and empowers. We are also happy to optimize existing content.



We support you in building or modernizing your own academy and assist you in developing effective training strategies.

Authoring tool

Authoring tool

We provide you with a tool, the Composer, which allows you to create your own learning content.



With the Companion, you can make content available to your target audience. It combines an authoring tool, learning platform, intranet, and knowledge management system in one.

Find out in a brief conversation how we can support you.

Who we are

THIS – the e-learning experts

Who we are

THIS – the e-learning experts

THIS has been successfully designing and developing training strategies and formats for clients such as Allianz, GROHE, ERGO, SEAT, METRO, MONTBLANC, and Volkswagen for more than 8 years, impressing with high-quality e-learning content.

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Do you also want to excite your target audience with modern learning content?

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Benefit from our years of experience in creating training on topics such as...

Business development

Product:Knowledge about the development, application, and installation of products.Brand:Building and maintaining a strong brand identity.Sales:Strategies and skills for selling products or services.Markets:Understanding different markets and how to position oneself in them.

Human Resources Development and Leadership

Leadership:Techniques and best practices for leading teams.Coaching:Development of individual skills and support in achieving goals.Change management:Designing and managing change processes in organizations.

Communication and social skills

Communication:Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.Etiquette:Manners and professional behavior in a business environment.Presentation and Rhetoric:Skills for persuasive presentations and public speaking.

Health and policies

Health:Promoting health and well-being in the workplace.Diseases & medical:Knowledge about common diseases and basic medical information.Safety:Safety protocols and procedures for accident prevention.Compliance:Adherence to legal regulations and company policies.


Digitalization:Integration of digital technologies into business processes.Tools, systems, machines:Handling of technical equipment and software.Technologies:Understanding of new and emerging technologies.Data protection:Policies and practices for data security.

Organizational and personal development

Learning competence:Skills for effective learning and knowledge acquisition.Self-organization:Techniques for self-management and productivity improvement.Customer Relationship Management:Strategies for maintaining customer relationships.Processes:Understanding and optimizing business processes.

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